Honesty is the best policy. We have our chocolate, wine, beer and coffee delivered from small suppliers who care about quality and rarity.

Coffee and chocolates

Our coffee is from a roasting plant Coffee club. It is always fresh and high-quality. We offer two kinds: nutty 100% Canephora from a Vietnamese coffee plantation Ma Thout and delicious 100% Arabica which we frequently change so you can try the tastes of different parts of the world.

Hot chocolates at VERONIcaffé are made of rare cocoa Criollo beans that are delivered from Peru and after that processed by Ajala in Brno.

logo coffe club logo ajala


Herzán is a small family winery located in Čejkovice. The way of wine production is traditional and the aim of this winery is to minimize all interventions into the natural process. They use winemaking process which is called "sur lie". Basically, the wine ages "on the lees." During aging, lees release new elements into the wine and make the typical grape variety.

vino herzan


We support small local breweries. We frequently visit them and choose the best pieces for you. You can find them in our offer.