An honest café

Modern interior with decent decorations will evoke in you home-like feeling.

Friendly staff

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The best coffee delivered from Coffee Club

True rich hot chocolate

Wine Herzán from Čejkovic

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Varied world of tastes.

We bake for you every day.

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Is an honest café located in Brno City Center. It is a place where you find rest, nice staff and mainly delicious food!

We have our coffee delivered from Coffee Club. It is always fresh. We offer two kinds: nutty 100% Canephora and delicious 100% Arabica which we frequently change so you can try the tastes of different parts of the world.

Hot chocolate at VERONIcaffé is made of rare cocoa Criollo beans. They are delivered from Peru and after that processed by Ajala in Brno.

Our wine comes from a small family winery Herzán located in Čejkovice. The way of wine production is traditional and the aim of this winery is to minimize all interventions into the natural process. You can tell the difference between annual production.

We bake ourselves and the menu is restored every week so you can be sure that you always try something new. Everything is high quality and we prapare many ingredients ourselves e.g. syrups or jams.

Everything at VERONICaffé is made with love and joy. We are looking forward to your visit!